Dr. Adam Garfein has written numerous research and business articles and is the author of two business books: Execution Dynamics (Amazon, 2012) and Profit Mapping (McGraw Hill 2006).

Execution Dynamics: Align to the Customer Quantum for the Best Possible Business Performance

This book is about operational and business transformation. More specifically, it is about the process of radically improving processes and policies using granular as well as holistic insights to create precise actions for the best possible customer and financial performance. Leading organizations understand the importance of competing on more than just their structural capabilities; they also master time-based competition. Often and without realizing it, organizations are immersed in improvement efforts that only harvest the lower hanging fruit when much more is within grasp. Superior business execution calls for more than the status quo of process improvement as product flows and financials are integrally tied to customer, process, and supply chain dynamics.

Although ripe with opportunity execution dynamics are inherently more difficult to exploit without the aid of the right business methods, integrated thinking, and analytical tools. While it is imperative to pursue the easier targets, senior managers and stakeholders continue to ratchet up their improvement expectations. They demand bottom line results now and have less tolerance for risk. To proactively address these challenges, we demonstrate in this book how to translate customer requirements into optimal space and time configurations throughout the value creation and delivery process. This requires on-demand adjustment to execution to gain competitive advantage, increase agility, and reduce risk. As a result, this approach simultaneously accelerates customer satisfaction and financial competitiveness. Moreover, using a holistic process is faster than conventional solutions and often yields hidden gems—simple actions that produce immediate and dramatic results.

Profit Mapping: A Tool for Aligning Operations with Future Profit and Performance

A wise manager knows that success only comes with operational excellence that is properly aligned with strategy. The challenge is knowing what actions to take and when to take them-navigating without knowing the impact of your actions on the bottom line is a risk you can’t afford to take.

Profit Mapping delivers a forward-looking management decision tool that allows you to proactively navigate business strategy and execution. The authors’ exclusive ProFITMAP method is a navigation system for operations that has been used successfully with leading businesses such as Ford Motor Company and General Motors. It enables you to test the impact of any number of factors on operational execution-from product demand and mix changes to process and technology changes to resource limitations-prior to taking any action.

ProFIT-MAP helps you make informed process and product decisions and reach your operational and product objectives by answering the following questions:

  • Can it be done? Is it possible? If not, then what additional capabilities are needed?
  • Will it be profitable?
  • What is the impact of my particular decision across the product mix and the functional capabilities of the organization?2
  • How do I get to the desired future (the roadmap)?

With ProFIT-MAP, you’ll gain the ability to change strategic direction with agility in response to changing market dynamics. ProFIT-MAP also allows you to enhance your existing approaches (including Six Sigma, Lean Operations, and Balanced Scorecard) by providing insight into which actions will be effective. Instructive strategic, tactical, and operational case studies illustrate its practical implementation.

Applicable to more than 30 unique operational areas and usable from the front lines to the executive suite, Profit Mapping enables you to control your operational destiny and deliver on your strategic goals. Author Profile